Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Fun!

We have been in Indiana for almost a week now and someone has been sick the entire time. My hubby started getting sick on the drive (poor guy) and was finally feeling better on Sunday. My brother was also sick on Christmas. Then my mom got sick. Now, my sweet girl has bronchitis, strep throat, and a double ear infection. Hopefully we are all on the mend and will be better by the time we leave for home on Friday!

Other than all the sickness we have had a great time. I wish we lived closer to my family so that we could spend more time with them, but since that is not the case we will just have to make the most of our time together.

On Christmas Day we had our family celebration. My sister works at Walgreen's and unfortunately had to work at 3 on Christmas Day so we had a morning brunch for our meal. We had bagels, waffles, egg casserole, and lots of fresh fruit! Then we had a great time giving and getting gifts! My kiddos got a ton more toys and my hubby and I got some stuff for our new dog (which I will be blogging about when we bring him home in Feb.). It was a super fun and crazy morning! That afternoon my SIL and I spent some time playing kiddie games like Don't Break the Ice and Ants in the Pants.

My dad and Moo-Bear enjoying waffles and marshmallows!

Yes, my brother received a superman snuggie for Christmas...love it :)

My little buddy! I couldn't find him a Baby's First Christmas Outfit big enough to fit him, so we just went with the bib. He couldn't have cared less about the presents, but he had a great time playing with all the paper, bags, and boxes!

My sweet Moo-Bear! She had so much fun this year opening gifts. I absolutely love watching her face light up with pure joy!

On Sunday we took the kiddos to the Botanical Gardens, which they had decorated as Candyland! It was ok, but we were all glad that it only cost $1 rather than $5 to get in (they have a special on Sunday afternoons).

My nieces with their little cousin posing as gingerbread men. You can sort of see Moo-Bear in the far right. She wasn't really wanting to stick her head in the circle.

Most of our family. We left Buddy at home because he desperately needed a nap.

This wasn't part of the Christmas display, but they had fun anyway. You crawl through this tunnel an d pretend to be an earthworm and at the end is a slide. It was a huge hit with Moo-Bear!

Grandma and her girls!

So, that was a glimpse of our time with my family in Indiana. We had plans to do some more stuff, but with everyone being sick we ended up j ust spending a lot of time relaxing at my parents' house. Hope everyone had a Mery Christmas!!!

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