Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tot School

Tot School
27 months

This week was a little better with out Tot School! I tried to get us in the school room every day and at least do our trays. I am trying to spend some time planning for the "school year" so I can be more organized and purposeful this fall. I plan on getting back into a regular routine (with themes and such) after Labor Day! Anyway, we had great fun this week!

I got this white board from Staples for $1 and then the Washable Expo Dry Erase markers on a great sale at Walgreens. She loved tracing her hand. Also, she would draw a line and say it was mommy, daddy, g-ma, etc. So fun :)

Moo-Bear was really into puzzles this week so I went with it. Here is an ABC puzzle and while she did it we talked about the letter names. She is getting really good at identifying letters!

A Tigger and Pooh puzzle I bought at Target. It was pretty hard for her to do this one. I helped her out and traced the pieces onto the cardboard so she can she the outline of where to put them. We'll see if that makes it any easier!

She found this in the cabinet so we pulled it out!

She is getting better at pulling the stickers off the sheet by herself. For the longest time she couldn't do it. And what better place to put stickers than on your leg ;)

Oh, and a few made it onto the paper!

She loves these bunnies from OTC. And I got the triangle tray from IKEA (wish we had one near us).

A shape puzzle from Target (wish we had one of those close, too!).

I filled a tub with stones and we poured, made a lot of noise, and a huge mess. Now that little man is moving around a bit (not crawling, but turning in circles and rolling around) I am super paranoid about little pieces on the floor.

Pouring into an old coffee cream container!

I got these cute summer shaped brads. They are suns, ducks, flip-flops, and beach balls. So cute! She was supposed to be putting one in each space, but she just played with them. Maybe next time.

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tot School

Tot School
26 months

Once again we have been taking it easy. We mostly did lots of free play this week and had a blast!

Wearing both her tutu's to play dress-up!

Love the hat :)

She is finally getting how to blow bubbles! She thinks it's great!

Watching the bubbles go up and over the house.

I just thought this was a cute one!

She loves to run around the yard and pick up the "hay".

Found this lawn mower at a garage sale for $.50!!

Little man likes to hang out in the backyard in his jumperoo while we play!

Wearing my nursing cover-up and playing with bubbles!

We spent a lot of time this week playing outside and enjoying the hot weather! Head over to 1+1+1=1 for some more great ideas!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Ok, so I am starting to try this whole coupon ting. I am not very good at matching deals to coupons I have, even though I visit websites like Wild For Wags to get ideas! But, today I went to get the ad b/c I didn't get one in the paper. I was going to pick up some goldfish that were on sale for$.99 and I had a $.50 off coupon. I walked to the food aisle and they had Cheerios on sale $2/4 and each box had a $1 coupon on it. So, I got 2 boxes of Cheerio's for $1 each. Should come in handy with the little man starting solids in the next few weeks!

So, my beef with Walgreens is mine seems to run out of a lot of the sale items the 1st day. Like today, they were out of the goldfish I wanted to buy. What a bummer. I will check back later this week to see if they got any in, but this is not the 1st time this has happened to me.

My other great deal today was a ream of 500 sheets of paper for $.01 from Staples. It is normally $5.99, but it was on sale for $4.99 and then a rebate of $4.98. So, I bought the limit of 2 per household! A great deal, especially because between printing coupons and Moo-Bear's Tot School printable I go through a decent amount of paper. I will go back to Walgreens later this week (when I have some money) and hopefully will score some other good deals!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tot School

Tot School
26 months

I kind of decided for Tot School we would mainly just be doing tot trays for the summer. We are busy traveling and stuff so I just want it to be fun and laid back. In September I plan on starting back up with themes, etc. Here are some of the things we did this week!

I got out the American flag toothpicks and styrofoam again /c of the 4th!

Random pic.of my little man. Moo-Bear thought he needed to play dress-up with us. good thing she pick the soft, foam hat for him!

She really likes to do this workbench shape thingy!

I got this little metal thing with holes in it at Ikea. I think it is supposed to be a holder for kitchen utensils. It worked great for sticking straws into the holes!

I got this magnetic fishing puzzle at Target. The same idea as the Melissa and Doug, but a little cheaper ;)

She really wanted to play in the rice so we pulled it out along with her boom cups (stacking/nesting cups). She calls them boom cups b/c when her g-pa plays with them he says, "Boom" in a very deep voice when she knocks them over!

I got some really cute ice-cube trays at Ikea when I was in Houston. I wanted her to put these little bike thingies in the trays, one per slot, but she had more fun just doing whatever with them. And she really didn't want to use the spoon either.

And, her new favorite is stamps. However, she really just likes to stamp herself. Oh, and of course me. I have to tell her to stamp under my pant leg or skirt so if we go out later I won't look funny ;)

So, there you have our fun week! As a side note...if you have an Aldi near you they are advertising these plastic, colored cutting boards on sale next week (starting Wed). It is a 4-pack with one red, yellow, blue, and green. I think they will be great sorting mats so I am going to try to pick one up!

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tot School

Tot School

Moo-bear is 26 months

So, Tot School hasn't been happening on a regular basis around here in a few weeks. We have been busy with travels and fun summer things! This week we were able to go to a small Children's Museum called Leonardo's. It was a lot of fun (minus my sweet girl being not so sweet) and I was so glad we were able to fit it in. I am gonna include some of the pics. and call it a field trip for Tot School ;)

Having fun with my kiddos!

This cool thing that you could roll a ball down.

Digging and cleaning off fossils!

Looking cute ;)

This cool thing that spun around. Moo-Bear loved it, but it made me dizzy!

Checking out the big, nasty we don't have enough in our own backyard!

Moo-Bear and her buddy watching the guinea pigs!

Petting the hedgehog...what fun :)

My Little Buddy chillin' while we played!

Music makers!

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