Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tot School

Tot School

This was our first week to give Tot School a try! I wanted to wait until I had to time to go all out, plan a theme and make it really good. But, I was anxious to get started so we just went with what we had. Moo-Bear probably won't care about themes and such anyway. So, when I have a little more time we will start doing more things, but for this first week I was pleased with what we did. And more importantly I think moo-Bear had fun with it!
It was really nice out so we took a book outside and had some fun reading!

I bought some sidewalk chalk and we ended up taking that out on the back patio and drawing/writing with it. I would draw shapes or write letters and have Moo-Bear tell me what they were. She would scribble :)

We also learned a little bit about plants. We have tons what Moo-Bear likes to call "blow flowers" so we spent some time collecting them, blowing them, and talking about how we were spreading the seeds all over the backyard. I don't think her daddy really likes us spreading dandelion seeds, but it's all in the name of learning ;)

We also have a lot of "helicopters" in our backyard so we had a lot of fun throwing them in the air and watching them spin to the ground!

This was our first "official" tot school activity. I took some mini clothespins and clipped them onto the container. Moo-Bear was supposed to un-clip them and place them in the container. I think they were a little difficult to pinch open because she was just pulling them off. With some practice I think she will be able to do it!

I bought some finger puppet bunnies from OTC and had Moo-Bear put one in each cup of the muffin tin. She did this one time and then just wanted to play with the bunnies. I got out the basket and asked her to put the blue bunnies in the basket to which she replied, "No, thank-you". At least she's polite about it ;) We will keep trying that one, too.
I had some golf tee and peg board games from when I was a teacher and thought they would make good fine motor skill practice. Moo-Bear liked it ok, but it didn't last too long!For this last one I bought some of those umbrella toothpicks from the Dollar Tree and had Moo-Bear stick them in the holes I poked in the sour cream container. She did great with this one!

All-in-all I think this week went great. Every time I brought something out Moo-Bear would say, "Oooohhhh" in her most excited voice. Granted she didn't always do what I wanted her to or for how long I wanted, but she did enjoy it and I think it will just get better. I am looking forward to being able to spend a little more time planning so I can have some really fun and crafty things for her to do. I have been looking forward to homeschooling for a while so it is nice to be able to do some things with her.

3 months!

Wow! I can hardly believe that 3 months have gone by since my sweet little boy was born. He is turning into such a happy baby. He is full of smiles and giggles, which I absolutely love!! M00-Bear tries to get her little brother to play with toys, but he still isn't very interested. Although, he does love to watch her play. He will follow her all around the room (with is eyes) while she plays. I think he is already wanting to keep up with her. He is still very much a mommy's boy. I don't mind that at all. Some nights he is sleeping well (from 10-2ish is what I call "good" right now) and others I don't want to talk about. I like the nights he is only up once, but it is usually 2 times a night. Here are some recent pics of my big boy!!

He really does think he is getting to be a big boy. He looks like he is interested in rolling over already, but I bet it will still be awhile before he gets it down ;)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Such a Big Girl!

My "little girl" is turning into such a big girl. For starters, she decided about a month ago that she wanted to start peeing on the potty. It has been such an easy process with her. She hardly ever has accidents and I usually don't have to bug her to go potty. She will just tell me when she needs to go. Hmmm...I wonder if the candy has anything to do with it ;) We didn't start out giving her candy, but when we went from her running around with nothing on bottom to making her wear panties we needed to give her an incentive to tell us so we could help her. Hopefully this won't last too much longer. She now goes almost everywhere with panties, but nap time and bed time are still diaper time.

This week we decided to give the big girl bed a try. She doesn't try to get out of her crib, but baby baby brother is 3 months old now and we want to move him to the crib. So, Sunday night we made the big switch and it went great. There were tears the first couple of nights, but now she goes down with no complaining. She talks about her big girl bed to anyone who will listen. And when she wakes up she wants daddy or I to go in her room and sit on her bed so she can show us how she slept in her big girl bed.Here is her new bed in her new bedroom. We went with butterflies and she loves it!
Here she is getting ready to go to sleep for the night!

I just can't believe my sweet baby girl is growing up so quickly. I love all the new things she is learning to do and am trying so hard to enjoy every moment (which is very hard to do when I am so tired from being up with out lil' buddy).