Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tot School

Tot School

30 months

This week we did letter “L” for leaf. I wanted to wait until the leaves actually started changing colors and falling down so we could go outside and play in them. But, we didn’t do a whole lot of leaf playing b/c both kiddos were sick this week. And b/c we have been finding snakes in our yard and it scares me to have them play in piles of leaves b/c I am sure snakes are hiding in there ;)

I am trying to teach her to put the dots on the circles on the paper, but she still prefers to just dot the whole page. We got this from COAH!

We did a leaf matching game, which I believe I got from File Folder Fun.

She played with our homemade shape sorter. And I think you can see the lacing toy behind her!


This is our bead sensory bin. I also made a fall one, but that day my camera’s battery died so I didn’t get any pics. Hopefully next week I will!


We are working on counting and used q-tips and this ice cube tray. She is getting a lot better and one-to-one correspondence!

I also got this leaf number matching from File Folder Fun. She matched them correctly, but I think it was more by color than number recognition!

Moo-Bear is really into gluing lately. So, we got a leaf printable and glued black beans on it. My girl, who loves to have paint all over her hand like lotion, was not too happy about glue getting on her fingers ;)


I printed out some small and large leaves and she separated them. This is getting way too easy for her so I will definitely add the medium size next time.

And here is the one day we did go out to play in the leaves. They had a blast :)

So, that was most of our week. Check out 1+1+1=1 for more great ideas!


  1. Your kids are so stinkin' cute!!!

    Lots of great activities! I'm going to try the tube/bead activity with my daughter - I think she'll like it! And I have to say, I'm with you on the whole snake thing!

    Visiting from Tot School!

  2. Fun week! Hope everyone's feeling better. The snakes would freak me out too.

  3. Love your homemade sorter and the bead sensory bin.
    Sorry you've had sick ones, hope every one is feeling better now.
    I have to add my agreement here on the snake thing. I had one slither out in front of me several weeks ago and that night I dreamed we had rattle snakes in our yard. You can believe I was so relieved to wake up that morning and realize it was a dream.

  4. Oh my snakes! Yeah. I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be playing in the leaves either if there was a chance of coming across a snake. Yikes.

  5. eeek snakes?? We are doing autumn (fall??) activities through Novemeber so seeing your blog has definitely given me some great ideas :-) x

  6. i LOVED reading these last few posts!! you're amazing...and i can't wait to steal some of your ideas! :-)

  7. What cuties! I need to try the paper towel rod idea with our sensory bin (well, we use a bowl, but still). Great ideas!

  8. Love your homemade shape sorter! Kerri